Dongguan Xfly-model Technology Co., Ltd. is a brand new company established in early 2021 and situated in Dongguan city, Guangdong province, China. Our company mainly focuses on design, manufacture and sale of RC aircraft. Xfly-model team consists of a group of RC enthusiasts among whom the engineers have over one decade of expertise in developing new products in the RC aircraft industry. Our engineers have previously played an essential role in the R&D and production for over 100 projects and they are fully aware of the standardized process of manufacturing and quality control.


With whole heart, we concentrate on making RC aircraft and are committed to ensuring customers the top quality and reliability of our products and also ensuring parts availability is top priority for after-sales support. We will build a strong presales and post sales team to have direct conversations with RC pilots from all over the world so as to get close to customers, understand our product deficiency and provide first-hand information for product upgrade and development.


We will always aim to develop new products on a regular basis, conduct marketing campaign in an effective way, and provide after-sales service in a timely manner.